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Simulated Emergency Test 2015 - Thank You!
PCARA Simulated Emergency Test 2015
October 3, 2015 - Polk County Emergency Management Coordinator, Kathy Poirer and Polk County ARES/RACES EC, Greg Braun N9CHA work together during the Simulated Emergency Test conducted Saturday, October 3rd. A very special thank you to all the hams who helped out this year: Rick W9WS, Chris KC9NVV, Tom AC9LG, Kirk KD9AKU, Duana KC9UVK, Mike KK9MC, Kevin KC9EMJ, William KD9DIV, Nolan KD9DIN, John NØTCN, Steve KC9WKY, Bill WY9E, Mark W9GWG, Paul KB9TYC, Rick W9RGS and Nick WBØPTO/N9PHS. 73! de Greg N9CHA
N9XH/R VHF Reinstalled and On The Air
N9XH/R VHF Repeater in new rack
Photos: Rick W9WS
September 25, 2015 - The N9XH/R VHF repeater was repackaged into an aluminum open rail rack system. With the new 50 amp power supply at the bottom along with a back-up battery, the new configuration allows for maximum air flow and accessibility.
N9XH/R VHF Repeater was reinstalled and checked using a service monitor
September 25, 2015 - All of the deviation levels were checked using a service monitor. The new installation means the return to our Taylor's Falls and Barron County links.
N9XH/R VHF repeater installation crew.
September 25, 2015 - The installation crew consisted of Rick W9WS (behind the camera), Chris KC9NVV, Greg N9CHA and Bruce N9BLU. Thanks to the entire club for their patience while we repaired the previous repeater equipment in order to bring this new system on line.
Getting Carlos N9GIM Back On The Air
W9WS standing next to a temporary antenna for N9GIM
Photos: Greg N9CHA
August 30, 2015 - Long time PCARA club member, Carlos N9GIM has been suffering poor health for the past few years. Much of it due to his heart. Just a few weeks ago, he underwent heart surgery where the VA surgeons replaced one of the valves in his heart. He's now looking great! Currently he's recovering at the Good Samaritan Society Home in St. Croix Falls. Located adjacent to the Fair Grounds, the home has good elevation. However, Carlos' location is a bit shadowed to our repeater.
N9GIM temporary antenna using magnets.
August 30, 2015 - To the rescue... Rick W9WS installed a mag mount antenna on top of a air conditioner unit just outside Carlos' room. However, the building blocked most of the signal. Greg N9CHA and Rick came up with another plan, to mount a short 8' mast to the side of air conditioner using magnets. A dual-band vertical antenna was then mounted to the mast and coax run down through a window. We all hope to hear the familiar "hello radio!" from N9GIM soon.
One-Tube Transmitter - How It Works
W9DKB one-tube transmitter using a 6L6.
Photos: Rick W9WS
August 8, 2015 - Dale W9DKB holds up his one-tube transmitter during the August PCARA club meeting. The tube used is a 6L6 and is designed as a 25-watt transmitter (input). A crystal is used along with an output coil to determine the frequency. The variable capacitor tunes the output circuit allowing plate current to flow.
August 8, 2015 - Using a bench-top power supply, Dale W9DKB applied voltage to the filament and high voltage to the tube. An 80 meter crystal and end-coupled coil combined to create a CW signal which was heard across the room on a receiver. The demonstration showed how a simple one-tube transmitter could be constructed. High voltage was increased to about 400 volts, resulting in an output of about 5 watts as measured on the watt-meter.
August 8, 2015 - Need more power? Dale W9DKB brought along this power amplifier, also of the one-tube design built on a bread board. The tuned circuit consisting of the variable capacitor and coil define the band of operation.
August 8, 2015 - Another example of a one-tube transmitter. This model uses a pi-network consisting of two variable capacitors and a coil. The light bulb in the foreground is used to limit the voltage going to the crystal. As the bulb heats up, the resistance rises, lowering the voltage in the crystal circuit. All of these designs were common in ARRL handbooks and other publications in the first several decades of the 1900's. The transmitters are still being built and used on the air today by a group in the Midwest called the Glow Worms.
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