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April 8, 2017 - Chris KC9NVV gave a Skywarn refresher class after the regular meeting.
Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
22 February 2017 "NA1SS this is K0JDD, do you copy, over?" as John speaks clearly into the microphone in front of students, teachers, parents the media and local officials. "It was 55 years and 2 days ago today that John H. Glenn, Jr. made his historic flight aboard Friendship 7. Today, students from the Middle School named in his honor stand by, ready to reach into space themselves." Commander of the ISS, astronaut Shane Kimbrough acknowledged the comment by saying, "Yes that was an historic moment you just mentioned, and an honor to be talking to John Glenn Middle School today."

Members of the PCARA stepped up and assisted John Dean K0JDD and Noel Petit WB0VGI with the technical setup and operation of a portable earth station. With a directional array on the roof along with an omni, Russ WQ0N, Chris KC9NVV, Rick W9WS and Greg N9CHA supported the ground operations making it possible for the students voices to be heard aboard the ISS. The operations went as planned, a northerly pass lasting about 9 1/2 minutes.

Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
22 February 2017 - Schools from around the globe apply for the honor of having their students ask questions of an orbiting crew member. In their application, it was noted, "An astronaut on the International Space Station looks back at Earth and sees the beauty and diversity of life. They imagine humans of all colors and creeds finding common ground and getting ready for tomorrow. Our school mirrors that ideal in microcosm." Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
22 February 2017 - "14 students had 16 questions ready to go. They were rehearsed and anxious to be the next at the microphone to talk to astronaut Kimbrough. "How important is teamwork to the mission of the ISS crew?" asked a 6th grader. "Teamwork is extremely important. I would say it’s paramount to what we do up here. We have a team and a crew of six people up here on the space station right now. We have a team of thousands of people on the ground that we are a part of as well. So all the Mission Control centers around the world are a part of our team as well and we are honored to be a part of it, and all of the people that trained us for this mission. So it’s extremely important for us to be able to execute our mission by having a great team and the support behind us," replied Commander Kimbrough. Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
22 February 2017 - Principal, Jill Miklausich lead off the event with an introduction of the many people who made this contact possible. "Our school embraces the fearless sense of adventure made famous by our namesake, Colonel John Glenn. When we make the call to the International Space Station please know that our hearts and minds are filled with excitement and infinite possibilities." Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
22 February 2017 - The ham radio operators worked closely with Molly Stillings, a teacher at the school who was responsible for coordinating the event between the ARISS team technical mentor John Kludt K4SQC and the staff at the Middle School. The students practiced using the microphone a few times over the past week to get used to idea that their voices would have to carry several hundred miles as the ISS passed overhead. Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
Feburary 11, 2017 - APRS Presentation . Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS
Feburary 11, 2017 - Portable APRS station for events. Photo Courtesy: Rick W9WS