Actvties 2009
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Rain, Rain... Go Away!
August 8, 2009 - This impressive array of antennas is mounted atop Fred AB9LV's newly erected 70' Universal aluminum tower. Members of the PCARA gathered to help Fred get the tower up after meeting for breakfast and attending an abbreviated monthly meeting. Club President Rick W9WS said, "Thanks to all for the help in erecting Fred's tower Saturday. Between  dodging rain drops, lightning bolts, and being a super host, I doubt  he had time to thank everyone who contributed to the effort.  Including those who were there merely for "moral support".  We had a few engineering issues to overcome (as is normal), but it went up  just as it should.  A very nice, 1st rate installation.  Fred did his 
homework and it shows."

Click HERE to see more photos. Photos: Rick W9WS
2009 Field Day Wrap-Up
Kathy Poirier, Polk County Emergency Management Coordinator, and Dan KB9OBF, PCARA Field Day Coordinator pose for the camera on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at this years Field Day site near Balsam Lake, WI. The club was given permission to utilize the Emergency Command Center vehicle as their operations center during the event.

To all PCARA club members and guests...

Score summary (revised 7-8-09)
Our current raw score is 1516 compared to the 612 of last year.

Contact Points:
003 80 Meter Phone
058 40 Meter Phone
134 20 Meter Phone
007 15 Meter Phone
031 10 Meter Phone
035 20 Meter Digital (70 pts)
303 Total Contact Points
x2 for power multiplier
606 Contact Points

Bonus Points:
300 for 3 Transmitters on Emergency Power
100 for media
100 for public location
100 for public info table
100 for NTS Message Sent to SM
100 for Served Agency Visitation
60 for Youth Element (3 under age 17, 20 pts each)
50 for web submission
910 Bonus Points

1516 Total 2009 Points

Thanks to all of you that helped make FD 09 better than 08.

73, Dan KB9OBF

FD went GREAT! Pretty good rain during set-up and again mid-evening Saturday. Other than that, WX was perfect (cool and very few bugs). Also no RFI problems within the van. 80 and 40 were marginal, but 20 and 10 meters were excellent, open well into the evening (had several good "rates" on 10 meters Sat. evening), less so on 15. A couple of our newest members made their 1st HF contacts, pretty excited about HF. KC9PJG put Alaska in the log for us on his second or third contact.

73, Rick W9WS, PCARA 2009 President

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