Emergency Communications

Simulated Emergeny Test 2007
Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2007

I'd like to thank those folks who participated in the Simulated Emergency Test  today.  It was another new experience for me, and I know we learned some things and maybe had some fun.
Rick W9WS brought the County mobile command center out to the dump site, set it up, took it back,  and was there with me during the exercise.
Dan KB9OBF was a rover and gave damage reports by voice from various places.
Chuck WD9GWG operated from home and gave weather reports by voice and passed those reports by packet to our club packet BBS.  He also came afterwards and snapped some pictures.
Jim K0KFC  I believe operated from home and gave damage reports by voice.
I (Mark KC9GHQ)was at the mobile EOC learning how to be a net control operator, and at the end passed  packet email reports via Chucks telpac station to Dave Kaun N9KMY, the EC in St. Croix County who we trust sent them on to the State by HF.  I also sent copies to Kathy Poirier, our County emergency manager. It was a good learning experience.
Kathy, thank you and the county for the use of the mobile unit. Now to fill out the forms.....

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