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Simulated Emergency Test 2008
Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2008

October 4, 2008
Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for participating in the SET. Chris and Dan have weighed in with comments about it. i'd appreciate comments yea or nay on it also. We'll share them with each other, and they will go in the file for next year.
My thoughts are that we did well. We had some glitches and stuff, but we really don't have much experience in this. Maybe we can change that. The more we practice, the better we will be.
Dan and Chris have wanted to do joint exercises with county agencies. My thoughts on that  are that we should continue to drill on our own before we jump in with people that DO drill regularly.  What are your thoughts? I still feel pretty green.
Fred, you heard our performance today. As EC, you will probably be organizing this next year, and possibly having some drills and stuff before then.   You have some people that want to help you. Keep the big MO going........
I saw where the digital strengths and weaknesses were today. I'm going to work to make our network redundancy and abilities better. As soon as those computers come, Fred, I want to switch the shack one out. Our old one is loaded to capacity. When we stuck WIN XP on it, it got way full.... runs pretty slow now.... Old one would make a nice RMS packet node at someone's house. We have a radio and TNC to go with it......
There were thoughts from some about our abilities and method for communicating with the REAL EOC across the street. Winlink and a guy with a handheld?   hmmmmmmmmmm.........  as we get better, maybe we could have a guy over THERE..... Thoughts? Look over today and share your ideas....

Here are several supporting documents for the 2008 SET:

  1. 2008 PCARA EC SET Report
  2. 2008 PCARA NM SET Report
  3. 2008 PCARA SET Scenario
  4. 2008 PCARA SET WD9GWG Timeline
  5. 2008 WI ARES Fact Sheet

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