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Simulated Emergency Test 2009
Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2009
October 3, 2009 - Fred AB9LV, Polk County ARES/RACES EC, reported a total of 202 points were recorded in this years Simulated Emergency Test. 15 hams answered the call to participate in the "surprise" event. Other than the coordinators, none of the ARES/RACES members from Polk County knew exactly what the SET would consist of. However, typical of dedicated ham radio operators, the SET was well attended and the event went off smoothly. Rick W9WS (above) operated the net control station.
  1. 2009 PCARA EC SET Report
  2. 2009 PCARA NM SET Report
"The whole day was fun and educational"
-Mark KC9GHQ
Sept. 12, 2009 - Dan KB9OBF at the Net Control position during the Grantsburg Simulated Forest Fire exercise. Several members of the Polk County RACES group volunteered their services to the Burnett County OEM and RACES in support of the training event. Below are reports from a few of the participants.
"Great participation from the Polk County RACES!! It was a very good learning experience for me, hope all of you got something worthwhile out it. And a beautiful day to boot."
-Kathy Poirier, Polk County EOC
"The exercise went quite well. Being net control was a bit of a challenge due to wanting to verify each message that was sent or received. I do need to thank K9KRH for his assistance and instruction during the event.
I felt the event was well planned at all levels. Even though we were not sure of our abilities to take on this task on the radio communications level, I think that skeptics had a change of mind once the event got on the way.
With all of the agencies that were involved, I was surprised at the interoperability of all that were involved. This was a great experience and I do look forward to more exercises like this.
I thank the PCARA members that participated and were patient with my net control operations."

"This was the first exercise like this I'd been to. I spent the day with Greg N9CHA at the Memory Lake fill site. We saw how handy a dual band radio was for monitoring both the local repeater and the designated simplex frequency. One of the experiments I wanted to try was packet radio. We found that my TNC produced a lot of RF noise on 2 meters, so we decided to try Greg's D700 Kenwood. It worked well! I was able to send packet mail to our packetteers back home. A highlight for me was when I operated packet while mobile during our return trip to Polk County. I was able to leap from node to node and make several connections. The whole day was fun and educational."
-Mark KC9GHQ
"I was setup at the farthest fill site, approximately 5 miles from net control. I set up a tripod with a dual band antenna and was able to get back into net control both on simplex and through the repeater. The fire fighters at our fill site were amazed that we were able to communicate so well to net control."
-Chris KC9NVV
"The fire drill went well. I used my Yaesu FT-7800 mobile rig, and my FT-60R handheld. The FT-60R was attached to a "J" pole antenna which I hung in a nearby tree. We had 2 trucks come to our fill site. I think Dan did a real good job as net control."
-Mark KC9PJJ
"Our operations were set up at the North edge of Memory Lake in Grantsburg. Mark KC9GHQ and I were prepared to set up a mast and antenna if needed, but since we were so close to the net control it was not necessary. We were able to use a Kenwood TH-F6A handheld set at 2 watts to communicate via simplex, and my van mounted IC-2820 was used for repeater operation. Both Mark and I brought large gel-cell batteries for emergency power backup. It was nice to receive additional drinking water for the fire fighters. Our van was supplied with a cooler and several bottles of water and a few snacks. We both had rain gear and boots should the day have been nasty. As it was, the weather was great."
-Greg N9CHA
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