Emergency Communications
2013 Polk County Emergency Coordinator = Josh AG9K
2013 SET Directed by Chuck WD9GWG
Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2013
Simulated Emergency Test PCARA Michelle KC9TYL
Photos: Greg N9CHA, Mark W9GWG, Mark WM9E, Bill K9WEN, Steve NØXC
October 5, 2013 - The Polk County ARES/RACES ham radio group participated in the 2013 Simulated Emergency Test. Michelle KC9TYL helped out at the "Incident Command" area set up at the Trade River Campground. Her duties included sending and receiving messages from the Net Control and the Emergency Coordinator. Michelle is a relatively new ham and this was her first exercise with the ARES/RACES group. She has however utilized her communication skills during actual search and rescue events by being a member of an equestrian group supporting the Polk County Sheriffs Department.
Chuck WD9GWG and Ben KC9ROI operated from Chuck's hamshack in Osceola. Chuck is the Polk County Emergency Coordinator.
October 5, 2013 - Chuck WD9GWG and Ben KC9ROI operated during the SET from Chuck's hamshack in Osceola. From there they fed information into the event using both voice and packet communications. Chuck is the Polk County Emergency Coordinator and wrote the script for this year's SET which included a "grass/brush fire" in the northwest portion of the county.
Bill K9WEN and Rick W9WS handled the Net Control duties from the club's hamshack in Balsam Lake.
October 5, 2013 - Bill K9WEN took over Net Control duties from Rick W9WS near the end of the SET. The two operated from the club's hamshack in Balsam Lake. They were responsible for all communications from the EC to the operators in the field.
Two portable antennas were set up in Frederic. One was a packet node, the other a cross band repeater.
October 5, 2013 - Just north of Frederic the club deployed two portable mast and antenna systems. One was used as a packet node, the other as a cross-band repeater. One of the two field assignments was in Frederic, but in such an area where it was nearly impossible to get a radio transmission back to the repeater and packet system in Balsam Lake. By setting up these two relay stations, Mark W9GWG, Mike KK9MC and Mark WM9E were able to send/receive voice and and packet data effectively.
Mounted inside a weather proof plastic storage container was a battery and dual-band radio programmed to operate as a cross-band repeater.
October 5, 2013 - Inside this plastic storage container is a battery and Icom IC-2720 dual-band transceiver set into the cross-band mode. Mark WM9E, Mike KK9MC and Mark W9GWG used this cross-band radio to communicate back to the club's repeater in Balsam Lake. Their assigned position was near the local high school in Frederic which posed a communications challenge.
Incident Command was set up by Greg N9CHA, Michelle KC9TYL and Steve KC9WKY
October 5, 2013 - Set up at the Trade River Campground were Greg N9CHA, Michelle KC9TYL and Steve KC9WKY. This location was the "Incident Command" area. Michelle is seen re-locating her mobile mag-mount antenna. Greg's van shows a drive-on tipper antenna mast system with a dual-band antenna mounted on 16' of mast.
Steve KC9WKY operated at the Incident Command
October 5, 2013 - Steve KC9WKY assisted with communications at the Incident Command area. He took part in a short training exercise consisting of raising and lowering the portable mast and antenna system, and also in attaching hand-held transceivers to the deployed antenna to determine if a 5 watt HT could communicate to the Balsam Lake repeater. (It did!)
Mark WM9E donuts
October 5, 2013 - Showing off the "shelter" food supply, Mark WM9E operated packet radio and sent messages containing "shelter" data. He was assisted by Mark W9GWG and Mike KK9MC.
Packet radio laptop
October 5, 2013 - The packet radio laptop was mounted in Mark W9GWG's vehicle. Using Outpost, a TNC and VHF transceiver and magnet mount antenna, Mark WM9E was able to easily send and receive text messages. He utilized the WINODE portable packet radio station set up on a higher elevation from where he was at the local Frederic High School. Overcoming challenges is what hams are known for, and the deployment of both voice and data systems to cover hard-to-reach areas is sometimes necessary in emergency communication situations.
Mike KK9MC sits in the back of Mark's vehicle taking notes.
October 5, 2013 - Taking notes and helping with communications is Mike KK9MC. He's sitting in the rear of Mark W9GWG's vehicle. He helped to support "shelter" communications in Frederic.
Net Control for the 2013 SET was the club's hamshack in Balsam Lake.
October 5, 2013 - Rick W9WS (seated) took the duties of Net Control during the first portion of the SET. Chris KC9NVV (standing) is the District Emergency Coordinator for Northwest Wisconsin. He spent his time observing the SET from the hamshack. All voice and packet communications flowed to and from the hamshack in Balsam Lake.
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