Frequency 147.195 (+600 KHz) 443.725 (+5MHz)
PL Tone 110.9 110.9
Mode FM & System Fusion FM & System Fusion
TX Power 75 watts (255 EIRP) 100 watts (500 EIRP)
Location Balsam Lake, WI Balsam Lake, WI
Antenna Height HAAT 190 feet 180 feet
Equipment Yaesu DR-1X (FM/C4FM) Yaesu DR-1X (FM/C4FM)
Amplifier TPL PA3 MSF-5000 PA
Controller CAT-250 Internal Yaesu AMS/AMS
ECHOLINK N9XH-R 991104 (* Prefix)  
ECHOLINK Guidelines
ECHOLINK is available on our VHF (147.195) repeater. The N9XH-R is open for use to all amateurs. There is a * prefix code required.
First of all listen to the repeater for at least 15-30 seconds before transmitting and then ask if the repeater is currently in use. Assuming all is clear, identify yourself and give the node name or number you wish to call . Example: "WD9GWG for the Berlin node" - - then enter * (star or asterisk), then the four to six digit ON code for the node and release your PTT. The repeater will come up with a carrier as it waits for the connection to be authenticated. This can take a few seconds of dead-air so don't be concerned. When the connection is confirmed, the voice ID of the destination node will be transmitted,
Once connected and after hearing the confirming voice ID, wait at least 5 seconds before transmitting. If you are connecting to another repeater or conference, there may be a conversation already in progress that you're not aware of.
Press and hold the microphone PTT for a second and then announce your presence and your intention such as you are calling someone specifically or just looking for a QSO with another ham in that city. Saying "CQ" is permitted, just keep it short.
If no response is heard, announce your call and your intent to drop the link and then touch- tone in the OFF code. (73)
If you stay connected to a node and there is no activity on the repeater for 4 minutes, the connection will time out and automatically disconnect with a voice ID disconnect message on both nodes.
This is a step by step example of how to use the ECHOLINK.
1) Listen to the repeater for several seconds to be sure it's not in use.
2) Key up. "This is WD9GWG for the echo-test server 9999"
3) Using your DTMF pad, key in *9999 (or the node you wish)
4) Un-key. Wait for the connection to be established. Then wait another 5 seconds.
5) Make your call. Key up. "Testing testing this is WD9GWG" Un-key.
6) Enjoy your conversation. When done, key up. "This is WD9GWG dropping the link"
7) Using your DTMF pad, key 73. This will drop the link.
8) If you are finished using the ECHOLINK, "This is WD9GWG clear."
N9XH - Polk County Amateur Radio Association - 1732 Forest Circle - Balsam Lake - WI - 54810 - Info@N9XH.org